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The future of fashion is already on display

Our partnership with Stella McCartney has shown that the future of fashion isn’t just in the lab – it’s on the catwalk, in the museum, and on its way to your wardrobe.

Although luxury fashion is traditionally conservative and slow to change, world-renowned visionary designer Stella McCartney is always actively searching for innovative solutions. We were overjoyed to collaborate with her, and recently had the pleasure of showing off our creations together on a whirlwind trip from New York to Paris and back again.

Microsilk™ dress in MoMA

Our journey began at the New York Museum of Modern Art, where earlier this month the exhibit “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” opened. We were blown away by the spectrum of fashion history on display, but we’re especially proud of a particular item in the exhibit: a golden dress designed by Stella McCartney, which we knit out of 100% Bolt Threads Microsilk™.

To make the dress, our team in California collaborated with Stella’s in London. It’s monumental that a garment made entirely of a biomaterial inspired by spider silk is in the exhibit, and aptly shows that a large element of what makes fashion modern is the very material it’s made from.

You can see this golden shift dress made of 100% Microsilk™ on display now in the Museum of Modern Art

Paris Fashion Week

Next, we jetted off to Paris! It’s not often you spot a scientific breakthrough at Fashion Week, but that’s exactly what happened when Microsilk™ made its couture debut at Stella McCartney’s Paris Fashion Week runway show. Like the dress in MoMA’s Items exhibit, the brown knit parachute pant and brown knit bodysuit below are made entirely of Bolt Threads material.

It was unbelievably gratifying to see our creations modeled at Paris Fashion Week, and we can’t wait until you get the chance to model our products for yourself!

Microsilk™ at Stella runway show

Fashion Technology Lab

Our next stop in Paris was Fashion Technology Lab, an event hosted by digital entrepreneur and fashion investor Miroslava Duma to showcase the intersection of fashion and technology. There, fashion’s biggest names interacted with emerging technologies pioneering the industry’s future, including a little company called Bolt Threads.

Salma Hayek and Microsilk™
Salma Hayek and Miroslava Duma peer into the future of fashion: Bolt Threads Microsilk™

Bolt x Stella party

We then bid adieu to Paris and returned to New York, where we co-hosted a cocktail party with Stella McCartney at her flagship store. Our CEO Dan and Stella McCartney spoke about the significance of our partnership, and filled the room with energy and excitement about the power of materials to revolutionize fashion.

Since science is near and dear to our heart, we brought the scientific spirit to the event: servers wore our customized lab coats and served drinks in beakers and appetizers in faux petri dishes. Who knew science could be so stylish? We did, of course!

Dan and Stella show off our joint creations
Dan and Stella show off our joint creations

Vogue Forces of Fashion

After our joint party, Stella McCartney spoke at Vogue’s Forces of Fashion and showed off the brown Microsilk™ bodysuit we debuted at Paris Fashion Week. The event covered what it means to be designing clothes in 2017, and the presence of our bodysuit says it loud and clear: it means reinventing the very fabrics that designers draw from.

After all that jet-setting, we’re glad to be home and back to the lab! We can’t wait to continue working on bringing innovative materials to the world of fashion, beyond the catwalk, and into your wardrobe.


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