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We’ve made a new friend in the fashion world

Today we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Stella McCartney, a world-renowned brand known for its dedication to eco-innovation. We’ll be unveiling our first collaborative product, a one-of-a-kind custom dress made entirely of Bolt Microsilk™ at the New York Museum of Modern Art’s upcoming exhibit “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” opening October 1st.

We’ve long been ardent admirers of Stella McCartney herself. For years, every quote of hers we saw demonstrated to us that she really got it – how important the brand’s material and resource choices are, and how those impact the environment.

We knew we had to work with her brand when we heard her discuss its willingness to pioneer new sustainability techniques in fashion: “We’re excited by risk. We’re excited by thinking outside the box. We think that’s modern. And I think the fashion industry is supposed to be modern, and I find it so extraordinarily old fashioned at times that I can’t really get my head around it. The fact that we’re even having this conversation, it seems medieval to me.”

As we were thinking to ourselves how wonderful it would be to partner with such a visionary designer, we got an email from the Stella McCartney team inquiring about our materials. To our delight, we soon discovered that the admiration was mutual, and thus began our corporate romance.

Stella McCartney herself came to tour our labs and immerse herself in our technology, while wearing a stylish denim jumpsuit, naturally. She even got hands on with some of our experiments, much to the surprise of our scientists.

Stella and Dan in lab
Our CEO Dan Widmaier showing Stella McCartney his exuberant love of science in our labs
Stella lab coat
Nothing says “welcome to the team” like a personalized lab coat

We’re honored that Stella McCartney recognizes the potential of Bolt Threads technology. Her complimentary words about our partnership nearly made us blush. “This is something that I’ve been personally on a journey to find for much of my career and I just feel like there is finally a new opportunity to bring so many industries together and for them to all work as one for a better planet. It is a truly modern and mindful approach to fashion.”

Wondering what the Items dress will look like?

The custom knitted one-of-a-kind, gold dress is a modern interpretation of the classic shift dress and is made entirely of our signature protein-based yarn inspired by spider silk. The dress will be made using this brilliant golden Bolt yarn.

Golden Microsilk yarn
The Bolt Microsilk™ yarn that will be used to make the shift dress

Through our partnership, we’ll be working with our friends at Stella McCartney to pave the way for a future of environmentally friendly luxury fabric innovation. Throughout 2017 and beyond, we’ll continue to announce and reveal new initiatives together.

We couldn’t be more pleased about changing the future of apparel production, and if Stella McCartney decides to moonlight as a scientist, we’ve got a lab coat waiting for her.


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