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Better Future

Fungi Takes Center Stage at TED2022: A New Era

It’s not every day that a bioengineer takes the stage at TED to talk fashion. Bolt Threads’ Founder and CEO, Dan Widmaier, unveiled the potential for mycelium to change fashion forever at TED2022: A New Era, an unforgettable five-day gathering in Vancouver, BC. Discover why the biggest brands in fashion are rallying behind Mylo™.  ... Read more »

The New York Times Announces the MyloTM Consortium

Last month, we announced the creation of the Mylo™ consortium – an unprecedented partnership with four iconic global companies who have secured exclusive access to our innovative Mylo material. Marrying deep science with high design, the consortium is the largest joint development agreement in consumer biomaterials to date. Read the New York Times feature to... Read more »

Bolt Creative Residency x Jen Keane: Deep Science Through a Designer’s Eye

Before COVID-19 prompted shelter-in-place orders at the Bolt Threads office, we had the privilege of debuting our creative residency program to bring in new ideas for designing a better future. Enter Jen Keane, our first-ever creative in residence and no stranger to the potential of biomaterials. Before returning to her west coast roots in our... Read more »

CEO Dan Widmaier at Business of Fashion VOICES

In November, Bolt’s Founder and CEO, Dan Widmaier, spoke at Business of Fashion VOICES. The annual event is an invite-only gathering of top fashion brands and trailblazing entrepreneurs who are challenging conventional wisdom about the fashion industry. Dan announced the exciting news that Mylo™ material now has the ability to scale globally. That means our alternative... Read more »

Stella McCartney Thinks This Technology Will Save the World

The moment Stella McCartney said, “this is the future… this will save our planet, this approach that Bolt Threads has is the approach we’re going to have to take to everything,” I knew that this went beyond just marketing the rich-brown, Microsilk™ bodysuit and parachute-pant on display. We were on the top floor of her new Madison... Read more »

The Interwoven Paths of Tech and Textiles – Part 2

The previous post dove into the history of technology in textiles from the Stone Age through the Industrial Revolution. But the love story between tech and textiles didn’t end there. The next wave of innovation came in the 20th century and was based on synthetic and semi-synthetic fabrics, many of which fill our closets today.... Read more »

The Interwoven Paths of Tech and Textiles – Part 1

Bolt Threads lives at the intersection of the two seemingly disparate worlds: fashion and biotechnology. We realize that technology and textiles aren’t so different after all: in fact, they have a long history of intertwining. (For an excellent longread, check out Virginia Postrel’s essay “How Textiles Repeatedly Revolutionized Human Technology”) Stone Age clothes were pretty... Read more »

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