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Beebe Lab Report: Fascinating Results From Our Color Cosmetic Trial

At the end of 2021, we completed our second Beebe Lab trial featuring a 3-in-1 lip/cheek/eye cream color makeup product. Our Beebe Lab testers once again shared their honest feedback (really honest!) and had fun in the process. Keep reading to find out the results of the exciting trial! Why was this trial so special?... Read more »

Where Does B-silkTM Protein Fit in the Clean Beauty Movement?

Trends in the beauty industry come and go just as often as the sun rises. While the sun sets on most trends, some have staying power and become cornerstones in the industry. The most recent example is clean beauty. What started out as an undefined term a decade or so ago has since become a... Read more »

What is b-silkTM protein?

While most consumers are aware that traditional silk (derived from silkworms) has long been used to make luxurious textiles, the use of silk in biomedical engineering and skin regeneration is perhaps lesser-known. Naturally, after unlocking our premier biomaterial, Microsilk™, the team of material scientists at Bolt Threads were eager to explore the potential benefits of... Read more »

Beebe Lab Report: Results of our Foaming Gel Cleanser Trial

At the end of October, we completed our first Beebe Lab trial featuring three different Foaming Gel Cleanser prototypes. The team at Bolt Beauty is so grateful for the feedback we received because we collected important data and learned that our b-silk™ protein ingredient has an important role to play in a cleanser formulation. For... Read more »

Beebe Lab In Action

While it was only a couple of months ago that we announced our new Beebe Lab endeavor, we are pleased to say that our first trial is out of the gates!  Our Foaming Gel Cleanser kits (pictured above) have been shipped to the beta testers and the product evaluation has begun! Each of the kits... Read more »

You Have Standards, Well So Do We!

At the Beebe Lab, our mission is to develop new materials and product prototypes that are innovative but that also harness the power of sustainable ingredients that are safe and non-irritating. We use science-backed tools and standards to determine which ingredients we do and don’t use in our prototypes. Here is what you can count... Read more »

Introducing the Beebe Lab

The Bolt Beauty team is excited to introduce the Beebe Lab – a beta testing lab for beauty products featuring Bolt’s proprietary clean beauty ingredients. This is an endeavor where we will create and iterate on ground-breaking beauty products and deploy them directly to you for feedback. It will be beta testing at its most... Read more »

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