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Mylo at London Craft Week 2021

What to Know About adidas' Vegan Stan Smiths

“Stan Smiths are getting an eco-makeover. For a concept shoe coming later this year, Adidas is tapping mycelium-based Mylo, a natural material innovation.”

Stella McCartney Introduces Her First Garments Made of Mylo, the “Leather” Alternative Grown From Mushrooms

"There’s no silver bullet for reversing fashion’s environmental impact, but Stella McCartney believes we’d make significant progress if we just nixed one material: leather."

Fungus May Be Fall’s Hottest Fashion Trend

"Adidas, Lululemon, Kering and Stella McCartney said they would partner with Bolt Threads on Mylo, collectively investing in its ongoing development and production operations in exchange for access to hundreds of millions of square feet of the material. Mylo-made products, from Adidas sneakers to Stella McCartney accessories, will go on sale in 2021."

Mercedes says its electric concept has 620 miles of range and seats made with mushrooms

"...the EQXX also utilizes sustainable materials in other parts of the car. A leather-like material made from mycelium, the underground root-like structures of mushrooms, is used in the seat cushions."

Stella McCartney Does Mushrooms in Paris

Stella McCartney RTW Spring 2022

What to Know About adidas' Vegan Stan Smiths

Fungus May Be Fall’s Hottest Fashion Trend

Lab grown fabrics may be the future of eco-friendly clothing

Lab-grown luxuries

Stella McCartney Is Weaving A New Way Forward

Spinning spider silk into startup gold

MoMA Exhibition Highlights Biofabrication

Top Workplaces 2017

Stella McCartney Partners With Bolt Threads

In the Future, We’ll All Wear Spider Silk

Spider Silk Is the Fabric of the Future

This $314 necktie is made of spider silk

The Oil Detox

Top Workplaces 2016

California Scientists Reinventing the Web

Stronger Than Steel And Stretchier Than Elastic

Spinning Synthetic Spider Silk

Fashion's Biological Future Is Now

A Bay Area Startup Spins Lab-Grown Silk


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