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Beebe Lab Report: Results of our Foaming Gel Cleanser Trial

At the end of October, we completed our first Beebe Lab trial featuring three different Foaming Gel Cleanser prototypes. The team at Bolt Beauty is so grateful for the feedback we received because we collected important data and learned that our b-silk™ protein ingredient has an important role to play in a cleanser formulation. For those of you wanting to know more about the results, read on.


One of silk’s inherent properties is that it is highly adsorbent.  By adding our b-silk™ protein in a cleansing formulation, the silk does the heavy lifting (literally!) – lifting dirt and impurities from the skin as it is massaged into the skin. Because of this, we are able to lower the concentration of surfactants in the cleanser formula making it more gentle on the skin without compromising the effectiveness of the product. 

The foaming gel cleanser trial included three cleanser formulations, each with a different amount of b-silk™ protein.


The clear favorite was the WEEK 3 cleanser, with WEEK 1 coming in second. We were delighted by these results because it indicates to us that with increasing b-silk™ protein content, people see increasing benefits like softer, cleaner skin that looks more healthy. In fact, the b-silk™ protein at the highest concentration (WEEK 3 cleanser) received 2x the number of favorable votes compared to the lowest concentration formula (WEEK 2 cleanser) in the following areas:  

  • Eye makeup removal 
  • Face makeup removal
  • Skin felt clean
  • Skin did not feel overly oily
  • Skin felt soft
  • Skin looked healthy


The real excitement for us was to read your comments.  We thank everyone for expressing their honest feedback – this is critical for our development process. Below are a few of our favorites.

“The product has a wonderful feel on skin.  Very gentle but also really effective.  Surprisingly different in feel from other products.  No sting on eyes.  Enough foam but not too much.  Excellent.”
-Helen, California

“I loved how completely it removed my makeup. Usually, even if I think I washed it all off, I wake up with some eye makeup mess. I feel like my face has never been as clean as it is after this cleanser. And it was able to do this without “stripping” it off and over drying my skin. It didn’t sting my eyes at all either.”
-Shelly, New York

“I loved this cleanser because my face was never red and rough after using the cleanser! It foamed just enough and made my face soft, clean and hydrated!”
-Rebecca, Tennessee

The cleansers in this trial had a translucent gel texture that lathered into a delicate foam.


For those of you who fell in love with the cleansers, we are working to find a path to market.  When we do you will be the first to know!

In the meantime, stay tuned for the announcement of our next trial.  If you haven’t yet, you can sign up to be a beta tester here!


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