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Beebe Lab In Action

While it was only a couple of months ago that we announced our new Beebe Lab endeavor, we are pleased to say that our first trial is out of the gates!  Our Foaming Gel Cleanser kits (pictured above) have been shipped to the beta testers and the product evaluation has begun! Each of the kits contained three slightly different cleansers and our testers will help us hone in on the optimal formulation.  

The star ingredient is the b-silk™ protein.  One of silk’s inherent properties is that it is highly adsorbent.  By adding our b-silk™ protein in a cleansing formulation, the silk does the heavy lifting (literally!) – lifting dirt and impurities from the skin as it is massaged into the skin.  Because of this, we are able to lower the concentration of surfactants in the formula, making it more gentle on the skin without compromising the effectiveness of the product.  Science for the win!

We are excited for this whole new application of our b-silk™ protein.  The b-silk™ protein you know and love that was featured in the Eighteen B moisturizers and serum, acts like an extension of your skin barrier.  It defends against environmental aggressors while locking in hydration.  Who would have thought that b-silk™ protein could do more than one thing?…well, we did.  This is why we love b-silk™ protein, it is incredibly versatile while also being sustainably produced and vegan.

If you missed this round of testing, you can sign up to be a beta tester here, which allows you to be the first to know about upcoming trial openings.


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