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Stella Meets MyloTM Mycelium Leather

Today we introduced a second new material to the world, with a little help from our friend Stella McCartney. Mylo™ is the world’s first commercially available take on modern leather grown from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms.

Mylo looks and feels like hand-crafted leather. It has a supple, natural feel, and because we control its growth environment, we’re able to manipulate the leather’s properties, making each product truly one-of-a-kind.

Mylo™ is produced in days versus years, without the material waste of using animal hides. As disposable incomes rise around the globe, we simply can’t meet the demand for meat – and leather consumer goods – using resources available on the planet.

A glimpse of Mylo™

We’ve previously partnered with Stella McCartney on Microsilk™, and we’re delighted to team up with her again to bring you Mylo™.

At the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Fashioned from Nature exhibit opening this week, the museum will not only be displaying the brown Microsilk™ pieces we made for Stella’s Paris Fashion Week show last year, it will also be debuting The Mylo™ Falabella Prototype One. This prototype bag showcases the potential of the material and gives you a sense of how it could come to life when Stella McCartney releases a Mylo bag of her own.

The Mylo™ Falabella Prototype One

This is much bigger than a bag: we’re going to continue using our technology as a platform to invent new and useful materials inspired by nature that are better for the planet. Mylo™ may be our second material, but it won’t be our last.


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