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Introducing the Beebe Lab

The Bolt Beauty team is excited to introduce the Beebe Lab – a beta testing lab for beauty products featuring Bolt’s proprietary clean beauty ingredients. This is an endeavor where we will create and iterate on ground-breaking beauty products and deploy them directly to you for feedback. It will be beta testing at its most beautiful…and most fun!

At the Beebe Lab, we are looking for a few bold faces who share our passion for skincare and want to come along on our journey with us. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to be a Beebe Tester here *
  2. We let you know when a prototype is ready and you let us know if you are available for testing
  3. We ship you our latest and greatest product prototypes
  4. You test them in the comfort of your own home (this is the fun part)
  5. Then you send us your feedback to receive prizes, free products and more!

Our beta testing products will harness the power of b-silk™ protein and other new, never before seen material technologies derived from nature (that are sustainably produced and vegan of course). Additionally, all the ingredients in our prototypes will adhere to strict safety standards, which are outlined here.

We created the Beebe Lab because the world needs sustainable ingredient solutions now. Being tied to normal product development cycles can slow things way down when it comes to bringing new materials to market. We seek to rapidly deliver innovative personal care prototypes into the hands of passionate testers (you!), which allows us to gather key data while you and your skin reap the benefits from our formulas. A win-win!

Sign-up here to receive announcements on when new product prototypes are ready. We hope you join us in this fun new endeavor!

Fun Fact: Beebe stands for Beta-testing Endeavors for Beauty.

*At this time, participation in the Beebe Lab program is limited to US residents only.


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