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Beebe Lab Report: Fascinating Results From Our Color Cosmetic Trial

At the end of 2021, we completed our second Beebe Lab trial featuring a 3-in-1 lip/cheek/eye cream color makeup product. Our Beebe Lab testers once again shared their honest feedback (really honest!) and had fun in the process. Keep reading to find out the results of the exciting trial!

Why was this trial so special?

The beauty industry has a serious problem. Most formulas contain micro and liquid plastic ingredients, like silicones and silicone elastomers, that are not biodegradable or biobased. These ingredients end up staying in our environment longer than we will once they are washed down the drain. Brands are starting to make the shift toward all sustainable materials, but color makeup is still behind the times. 

In contrast to silicones, our b-silk™ protein is 100% biobased and biodegradable. Moreover, our lab tests have revealed that b-silk has similar properties as certain silicones. To put our lab observations to the test, we wanted to see what the Beebe Lab testers thought. For this trial, we sent two identical color cosmetic formulations to the Beebe Lab testers, except that one formulation contained our b-silk and the other one contained a non-biodegradable, synthetic silicone elastomer ingredient. Of course, the participants were blinded to which product was which, ensuring that our testers would deliver honest, unbiased feedback.

So how did b-silkTM do?

Our results showed that the product containing b-silk matched the performance of the product containing the non-biobased and non-biodegradable silicone elastomer in areas like softness, spreadability, and better dry down. Moreover, the b-silk version outperformed the silicone elastomer version in color payoff and long wear abilities. We had a feeling b-silk would perform well for these attributes, but it is reassuring that the Beebe Lab testers thought so as well.   

We were excited to see these results and know that in the color cosmetic category, b-silk can enhance product quality while also offering important sustainability attributes. At Bolt Threads and Beebe Lab, we are on a mission to develop new materials that harness the power of sustainable ingredients, like b-silk protein, which is biobased and biodegradable yet offers color delivery like never seen before. Turns out, you don’t need to compromise — good-for-the-planet formulations that deliver professional-level color payoff can be achieved.

Want in on the action?

Love giving your honest opinion on beauty and personal care products? We have more trials coming soon — sign up to be a Beebe Lab tester here!


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