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Through science, dedication, and collaboration, we believe the best days of our planet are ahead of us. Here is your front-row seat to our journey in creating materials that put us on a path towards a more sustainable future.

Fashion is Facing a Sustainability Crisis – How Can MyloTM Help?

Written by Ted Jiang, LCA Engineer and Libby Sommer, Director of Corporate Responsibility Early this year our founder and CEO, Dan Widmaier, got the opportunity to bring Mylo to the TED stage. We’re beyond excited that his talk is now available to the public. In just eleven minutes Dan covers a lot of ground from... Read more »

Fungi Takes Center Stage at TED2022: A New Era

It’s not every day that a bioengineer takes the stage at TED to talk fashion. Bolt Threads’ Founder and CEO, Dan Widmaier, unveiled the potential for mycelium to change fashion forever at TED2022: A New Era, an unforgettable five-day gathering in Vancouver, BC. Discover why the biggest brands in fashion are rallying behind Mylo™.  ... Read more »

Humans at Bolt – Andi Bruce, Mycologist & Associate Scientist

Our Mylo™ leather alternative comes to life through the collaboration of many. In particular, scientists across disciplines are critical to designing both process and product with the right look, feel, and use. And in trying to craft our mycelium-based material, made from the underlying structure of fungi, we turn to the experts – mycologists, or... Read more »

Introducing the adidas Stan Smith MyloTM

Bolt Threads and our consortium partners have banded together to step into the future with products made from Mylo™. This April, consortium partner adidas turned that future into a reality with the new Stan Smith Mylo – an homage to their classic line and the first-ever shoe made from our mycelium-based Mylo™ material. Even better:... Read more »

This Earth Day, Jump In! Bolt’s Director of Corporate Responsibility on Progress for the Planet

Written by Libby Sommer, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Bolt Threads It’s been more than 20 years since I participated in my first Earth Day celebrations. And how things have changed: Back then the conversations were about neighborhood clean-ups, increasing recycling, and planting trees. These are all great things to do, but it’s hard to... Read more »

Stella McCartney Debuts a MyloTM Bustier Top and Trouser Set

Last fall, we had the honor of announcing the Mylo™ consortium – four iconic companies that have banded together to bring our sustainable leather alternative to the world. Today, we’re excited to share an update on Mylo’s journey to scale with consortium partner and long-term collaborator Stella McCartney. The pioneering designer offers a peek into... Read more »

The New York Times Announces the MyloTM Consortium

Last month, we announced the creation of the Mylo™ consortium – an unprecedented partnership with four iconic global companies who have secured exclusive access to our innovative Mylo material. Marrying deep science with high design, the consortium is the largest joint development agreement in consumer biomaterials to date. Read the New York Times feature to... Read more »

Bolt Creative Residency x Jen Keane: Deep Science Through a Designer’s Eye

Before COVID-19 prompted shelter-in-place orders at the Bolt Threads office, we had the privilege of debuting our creative residency program to bring in new ideas for designing a better future. Enter Jen Keane, our first-ever creative in residence and no stranger to the potential of biomaterials. Before returning to her west coast roots in our... Read more »

Humans at Bolt – Libby Sommer, Director of Corporate Responsibility

At Bolt our goal is to make unprecedented, more sustainable materials that buck the status quo, and yet are highly desirable and functional. We believe that by integrating sustainability into every stage of the product creation and development process, we can develop materials that realize this lofty target. It’s one that we could not reach... Read more »

What is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?

In February, Bolt CEO Dan Widmaier called the fashion industry’s attention to the importance of scientific thinking during his speech at UN Study Hall, an annual summit on sustainable fashion. One way that Bolt does this is by investing in rigorous data to avoid the nebulous world of greenwashing. This includes measuring Mylo’s impacts by... Read more »

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