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Introducing the MyloTM Driver Bag

It’s a thrilling day in the evolution of biomaterials! We’ve just launched The Mylo™ special edition of the iconic Chester Wallace Driver Bag, featuring supple, animal-free Mylo – our sustainable material made from mycelium, the underground root structure of mushrooms.

The multi-pocketed functional unisex tote represents the future of accessories, combining innovative and cultivated materials with high-quality design.

While we partnered with Stella McCartney to make the first Mylo™ Falabella Prototype One for the Victoria and Albert Museum, this is the world’s first commercially available Mylo product. We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to find early adopters of innovative products who are always on the lookout for the future of innovation.

Not only is this bag a beautifully-designed collaboration with our friends at Chester Wallace, its creation doesn’t involve raising livestock, which has substantial environmental costs from: the biomass needed to be grown to feed livestock, the land that’s used to grow that biomass that could be otherwise storing carbon, and the significant amount of methane produced.

The totes start at $400 and are available in very limited quantities. Be among the first to back the bag and show the world that we’re ready for a sustainable (not to mention stylish and functional) future.

We’ll continue to develop Microsilk® material and products to advance biomaterials in consumer products, and with Mylo™ we’ve illustrated that our ability to harness inspiration from nature isn’t limited to just one material. We look forward to bringing you even more applications of new biomaterials in the future to fulfill our vision: better materials for a better world.


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