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CEO Dan Widmaier at Business of Fashion VOICES

In November, Bolt’s Founder and CEO, Dan Widmaier, spoke at Business of Fashion VOICES. The annual event is an invite-only gathering of top fashion brands and trailblazing entrepreneurs who are challenging conventional wisdom about the fashion industry.

Dan announced the exciting news that Mylo™ material now has the ability to scale globally. That means our alternative to animal and synthetic leather has the real potential to powerfully impact the fashion industry, forever changing its landscape and how we approach material innovation.

Marching forward towards our goal of scaling Mylo™ globally, Bolt is on track to produce 1 million square feet of Mylo™ this year, thereby forging the path to create 10 times that amount in the years to follow.

We are excited to share that Mylo™ Driver Bag products are included in that 1 million square feet for 2020 delivery. Watch Dan’s full talk:


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